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Electric Foot Grinder 2.0

Electric Foot Grinder 2.0

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1.Ergonomic design that is comfortable to handle and utilize.
2.Made of high-quality materials, it is dependable and long-lasting.
3.Speed is adjustable, allowing you to conveniently choose between fast and moderate speeds.
4.More effective and safer than metal scrapers, and easier to use than a pumice stone.
5.Ideal for all types of people. You no longer have to be ashamed to show your toes and feet.


Q: Why does it turn off after 10 minutes of use?

A: It should be charged for 4-5 hours before using it for the first time. When the power is sufficient, the high-speed gear can be used for approximately 80 minutes, and the low gear can be used for about 120 minutes, which is sufficient to meet the needs of the user.

Q: What causes it to stop working when the force is too great?

A: The product includes an anti-injury device. If you use it too hard, you will be concerned that the foot file might injure your feet. Therefore, if the force is too strong, it will stop running. However, if you remove the foot file from your feet, it will continue to function.

Q: Can it operate while charging?

A: NO, you must first charge it. For the first time, you must charge it for 4-5 hours. That is, when the red light is on, it is charging and cannot be used; when the white light is on, it is not charging and may be used regularly.


1. Please allow a slight deviation due to the manual measurement.
2. Due to the light and screen differences, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures. Thanks for your understanding.


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