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Pet Carrier

Pet Carrier

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Key Features:

This bag is constructed of breathable, machine-washable cotton that is thick enough to assure softness and comfort for furry friends.

You only need to place your pet in the bag and fasten the security lock to the ring on the collar or harness for this pet carrier to hold them securely. To accommodate fur babies of various sizes, the belt's aperture can be adjusted (see pictures). If your pet were to accidentally fall, this would help protect them. It will ensure the security and safety of your pet.

Whether you are strolling, outing, hiking, going on a weekend adventure, traveling, shopping, riding, or taking the subway, it is very easy to hold your furry companions.

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Product Features:

1. Ideal for dogs, cats (including Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Akitas, Schnauzers, Toy Breed Poodles, Bichon Frise, Papillon, Maltese, Aberdeen Terriers, and others), rabbits, ducks, Guinea pigs, tiny animals, and other small animals.
2. Hands-free: Use the pet carrier bag to transport your dog without using your hands as you go on weekend trips.
3. Use the safety lock to stop tiny dogs from jumping or tumbling out of the dog bag sling. This pet dog carrier bag carrier features a security lock to keep your small dogs safe.
4. Machine washable: Use a moderate cycle and cold water to wash the item in. Your pets will love the soft, breathable material. 
5.Pocket and Zipper: It is convenient and safe to store your keys, snacks, poo bags, and other items in the puppy carrier, making you feel at ease and liberated.
6. Material: Oxford Mesh
7.Color: Rose Red, Orange, Blue, Green, and Black
9. Weight: S:400g/M:450g/L:600g

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